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Bringing Imagination to Life

Our homes say a lot about who we are and what we consider important in life.
A home can provide comfort, promote creativity, and create lifelong memories. At Magnolia Home Xperts we are in the business of turning your dreams and ideas into reality. Whether you are building a new home, remodeling, or installing a new roof, our work will reflect your values.

New Home Construction & Remodeling Across Houston

At Magnolia Home Xperts, our experience with hundreds of projects across the Houston, TX metroplex has taught us a few things.

First, a project is not successful without the proper planning. Second, we understand that while your home renovation is exciting, it can also be a stressful time. Taking these two ideas into account, we have developed a powerful step-by-step process that allows our customers to enjoy the exciting journey that is a home renovation, new home construction or roof installation.

Step 1


Your home renovation begins with a vision. Explore popular home improvement magazines, visit sites like pinterest, or even gain inspiration from friends and neighbors. Whatever the source may be, become inspired and bring your ideas to us. We utilize these ideas to find your preferences and expand on them to create a home you can be proud of.

Step 2

In-Home Consultation

It's time for us to look at your vision. We will discuss important logistics like your budget, the size of the home/renovation, and any future projects you may be looking at which could affect how the current project is carried out. In addition, it is important to remember a home renovation is an investment which should not only increase your home's functionality, but also its market value. We will thus help you identify opportunities within your budget that will increase your home's value.

Step 3


The design phase is essential in ensuring the success of the project and the happiness of your family.

Here is where our 20+ years of home construction and design experience throughout the Houston, TX metroplex shines through. Utilizing your ideas and suggestions, we will create a design that you can fall in love with before the project even begins.

Step 4

Let the Project Begin

It's now time to send our experts and your home to begin construction. Our expert craftsmen take pride in maintaining a clean, organized, and friendly environment. Additionally, we understand this can be the most stressful phase for your family, thus our experts are briefed every morning before construction begins to maximize efficiency and finish your vision as quickly as possible.

Bathroom Remodeling

Where You Start and End Your Day

The bathroom is where you start and finish your day, and the average person will spend about 1.5 years of their life in it. Your bathroom should be a place where you can relax, prepare for the morning, and wind down after a busy day.

Why Choose Us

Our designers understand that your bathroom's aesthetics and space play a large role in obtaining the calming experience you deserve. For this reason our experts will listen to your ideas and use them to create a bathroom where you can get away from outside stressors.

Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen and Family

A kitchen is the center of a family's day-to-day living and is an area to socialize and entertain guests. Our experts understand the importance of a kitchen layout that fits your needs, therefore we will take our time to develop multiple designs to make sure your needs are met.

Why Get A New Kitchen

Kitchen remodeling projects increase the value of your home, but at times can actually erode your home's value. Our experts understand that in order maximize your financial return, there are a few basics that must be kept in mind.

Window Installation

Windows are unique in that they can capture the outdoors and bring it into your home. Your new window can change the aesthetics of a room, bringing new life to it and enhancing your time in that room.

Why Choose Us

Our team of experts understands that the color, shape and size of your new window can all have different effects on the ambience of your room. For this reason, we will discuss what goals you have for your room, and present with various ideas until we can provide the perfect window for you.

What Makes Our Windows Unique

Our thermofused windows ensure energy efficiency with an average savings of 10-25% on A/C costs each year

Top of the line coating allows our windows to remain rust proof and resistant to deformation for much longer than regular windows.

Acoustic insulation brings more peace while you are at home.


Roxanne Spradlin

"David Davis and team, did an excellent job, from start to finish! From the very beginning we were impressed. Great communicator, creative ideas, well orchestrated timeline, budget conscious, considerate, problem-solver, pleasant and positive! In less than five weeks our house was reroofed, re-painted exterior/interior, built on site shed/studio, enclosed attached garage ( leveled concrete floor and enclosed exterior opening ) added/updated electrical/lighting, decorative effects, remodeled kitchen, master bath and new floors throughout! The transition was short of miraculous! We could not be happier with our "new" home and our new friends, David and Norma Davis! The entire experience was delightful and would highly recommend."

Jim Klauck

"David and his team did a fantastic job with our barn remodel! The team showed up every day and re-built our old barn to the new specifications. My wife and I are very pleased."

Madeline Khodr

"Excellent Job!! They re-shingled our entire roof in one day! The workers are very friendly, efficient and professional. They really know their stuff! They also cleaned up when the job was completed and made sure no mess was left behind! Dave and Norma are wonderful people and easy to work with. We will definitely call on them again for all our construction needs. Thank you guys! You and your team are awesome!"

Houston's Roofing Contractors

A roof is arguably your home's #1 asset. Data has shown that a new roof will on average increase your home's value by $12,000.

On the other hand, ignoring possible roof damage can lead to thousands of dollars in damage to your home, including damage to the foundation, insulation, and even your home's electrical system.

Why Customers Trust Us

At Magnolia Home Xperts we have identified and replaced hundreds of damaged roofs throughout Houston, giving us a good idea of what makes our customers happy.

  1. 1. Home Protection

    Before the project begins we ensure your garden, windows, and all belongings will be protected from falling shingles and debris

  2. 2. Installation

    As we replace your roof, we take the time to identify all too common rotting decking to which shingles are nailed, replacing it with new decking.

  3. 3. Post-Installation

    After your new roof installation, we won't rush out. Our team ensures your house is cleaner than when we arrived. Additionally, we guarantee your driveway and surroundings are cleared of nails.

Magnolia Home Xperts is the Houston Roofing Company that you can trust!

About The Owners

David & Norma Davis have distinct skillsets, that when brought together, allow for your home project to be successful and stress free.

David Davis has been building his knowledge of construction since he was a small boy in Alabama, and throughout his life, construction has been a constant. As a 19 year old, David enrolled in the Navy as a basic airman, and after 20 years of service he retired a Chief Petty Officer. While in the Navy, David started his first construction company, allowing him to continue refining his skills, and today he continues his passion in the construction business

Norma Jacobi Davis has over 20 years of experience in the housing industry and design. Her time helping people pick the perfect home has allowed her to develop a knack for helping our customers pick the right design.

Together, David and Norma Davis create beautiful homes and lasting friendships with their customers.