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How We Guarantee Your Happiness

At Magnolia Home Xperts, our continued success comes from treating your home project like it was our own. This means that we push ourselves to not only be your home and remodeling contractor, but to also see the project from your perspective. This practice has many advantages.

First, it reminds us of how important this project is to you, and second, it allows us to anticipate your needs. We understand that your project has often been a long time coming and required lots of deliberation, planning and saving. We remember how exciting it is to finally be at the point where you are going to bring your dream to life. However, we know that these exciting times can sometimes also come with stress and worry. You want your dream to turn out perfect, and we do too! Luckily, we know exactly how to allow you to enjoy this journey.

The first step is to align our goals. You have your reasons as to why you are undertaking this project, and we want to know them. Do you want a more spacious kitchen to allow for more friends and family? Does your bathroom lack the amenities to allow you to truly relax after a long day? Does the living room just need a new window to change the experience? Whatever the project, knowing what it is you are looking for will allow us to get a better feel of the project, leading us to design the project according to your goals and to expand on your ideas.

Next, we don’t want you to be guessing how much this project will cost, thus we set a clear budget that you want to work within. There are often specific parts of the project that you want to use the highest quality material, while there are other parts you care less about. We adjust these different areas to bring you the best experience, and whatever the cost, we guarantee a beautiful project.

Finally, once we have your goals and budget straightened out, we give you a step by step on the project so that you are never guessing what comes next. We understand that not knowing exactly what is going on in your home can be discouraging, thus we avoid this by giving you all the details you need.

Our Specialties

Community Service In Houston

In 2017 the Harvey floods affected our community. As a construction company, we saw an opportunity to give back. We began a relief plan for people around the community, many of which were airline community. After the Harvey flood had passed, we spent the next few months helping renovate countless homes at no profit for the company. After seeing so many peoples homes affected by the floods we knew had to give back. Our new goal was to fix as many homes as we could until it was no longer possible. Our work in the community and with countless airline employees earned our owner David Davis United Airlines Top 100 People of the Year.

Magnolia Home Xperts

Pictured above: Some of our Harvey Relief Volunteers!

About The Owners

Magnolia Home Xperts

David & Norma Davis have distinct skillsets, that when brought together, allow for your home project to be successful and stress free. David Davis has been building his knowledge of construction since he was a small boy in Alabama, and throughout his life, construction has been a constant. As a 19 year old, David enrolled in the Navy as a basic airman, and after 20 years of service he retired a Chief Petty Officer. While in the Navy, David started his first construction company, allowing him to continue refining his skills, and today he continues his passion in the construction business. Norma Davis has over 20 years of experience in the housing industry and is a certified real estate agent. Her experience helping people pick the perfect home has allowed her to develop a knack for helping our customers pick the right design. Together, David and Norma Davis create beautiful homes and lasting friendships with their customers.