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Bathroom Remodeling Experts in Houston

A Place to Relax and Unwind

You start and end your day in your restroom. As such, your restroom should have the right accessories, lighting and space that allow you to get ready to tackle your day and to unwind once you’re finally back home. There is nearly an infinite amount of ways to combine colors and styles of tubs, granites, showers, cabinets, etc., and it is the job of your bathroom remodeling contractor to make you aware of all your options so you can be certain you have made the best choice for you. At Magnolia Home Xperts our years of experience allows us to take your vision and present you with countless ideas to allow your dreams to become a reality, but we don’t stop there.Your bathroom is constantly exposed to humidity and hot water, thus, when designing your restroom we are also making sure we use the best materials that can handle these tough conditions no other room in the house must endure. Whether your remodel constitutes a new walk in tub, shower enclosure, or full restroom remodel, we are prepared to provide you with excellence from start to finish.

Bathroom Remodeling Experts

Pictured above: Complete bathroom remodel with new floors, cabinets, shower and heated floors.

Reasons to Remodel Your Bathroom

The Ambience is All Wrong

We often see clients that just need one or two things changed in their restroom to make right for them, but it is just as often that we see clients who hate their current bathroom floors, tiles, colors and shower. In other words, there are lots of folks who hate their current bathroom situation. This is a shame because, as stated earlier, you start and end your day in the bathroom. Your time in the bathroom is often your only alone time you get all day, and so we believe your bathroom experience should be a therapeutic one rather than a frustrating one. Additionally, people spend an average of 1.5 years of their life in the bathroom, and often come up with their best ideas while relaxing in there. It is thus important that your bathroom allows you to relax and inspires new ideas rather than blocking them. Whether it is a new countertop, floor/wall tiles, heated floor, or a complete bathroom remodel, we are ready to provide you the most aesthetic and durable bathroom in Houston.

Outdated or Broken Fixtures

The humidity in your bathroom means that it must endure the harshest environment in the house. It is not surprising then that bathroom remodels are often necessary to fix issues with molding, leaks, broken/faded cabinets, and a variety of other things that occur in the bathroom due to humidity. Our experience in bathroom remodels has taught us of the do’s and don’ts of bathroom material to prevent these issues from occurring for a very long time.

Increasing Your Home's Value

If your bathroom is outdated, cabinets are fading, and accessories are breaking, your home’s value will greatly decrease. Whether you are planning on selling now or in the future, updating your bathroom to a more modern look with durable materials can allow you to enjoy the rest of your time in your home, and pay itself back once it comes time to sell the house.

Bathroom Remodeling Experts

Pictured above: Individual sinks so you never have to argue over sink space again! Additionally, new doors and heated floors.

Our Approach to Ensuring a Successful Project

Your bathroom remodel is often a project that has been a long time coming and is an investment on your part. At Magnolia Home Xperts we understand the importance of your bathroom remodeling project and treat is like it was our own. By putting ourselves in your shoes we can better understand your goals and anticipate your needs. A new bathroom remodel is an exciting time for you and your family and we plan on allowing you to enjoy the project by through a few simple steps.

We understand that stress can arise when you are not fully informed on the timeline and steps of the project. As a result, it is important that we first align our goals. We want to know which designs you are most interested in so that we can build the perfect bathroom for you. Once we are sure that we understand your goals and have alleviated your concerns, we can move on to providing you with various design ideas and a timeline of the project. By ensuring we are on the same page, you can be sure the project will be a success.

Bathroom Remodeling Experts

Pictured above: Custom Restroom with new shower and bath tub

Bathroom Remodeling Experts

Pictured above: New Bathroom sink for two