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Choosing A Roofing Contractor

Few projects have as large an impact as a roof replacement or repair; energy-efficiency, increased home value, long-term inhabitability and protection to name a few. The wide array of benefits that a new roof can bring to your home and family means that it is important you choose the best roofing contractor possible. At Magnolia Home Xperts we have decades of experience in roof replacement. Additionally, we stay up to date with the latest roofing methods and insurance policies by attending monthly conferences around Texas. Our constant drive to stay educated brings you value in a couple of ways. It means that we are in the 3% of nationwide roofers that are GAF certified, meaning that our roofs have a LIFETIME Guranatee. Our in depth knowledge of insurance policies also means that we will get all the money you are owed, reducing the out of pocket cost of your roof as much as possible.

Magnolia Home Xperts

Pictured above:New Roof by Magnolia Home Xperts

Why Get A New Roof

A roof is arguably your home's #1 asset. Data has shown that a new roof will on average increase your home's value by $12,000.On the other hand, ignoring possible roof damage can lead to thousands of dollars in damage to your home, including damage to the foundation, insulation, and even your home's electrical system.

Why Customers Trust Us

At Magnolia Home Xperts we have identified and replaced hundreds of damaged roofs throughout Houston, giving us a good idea of what makes our customers happy.

  1. 1. Home Protection

    Before the project begins we ensure your garden, windows, and all belongings will be protected from falling shingles and debris

  2. 2. Installation

    As we replace your roof, we take the time to identify all too common rotting decking to which shingles are nailed, replacing it with new decking.

  3. 3. Post-Installation

    After your new roof installation, we won't rush out. Our team ensures your house is cleaner than when we arrived. Additionally, we guarantee your driveway and surroundings are cleared of nails

Custom Roof by Magnolia Home Xperts

Pictured above: New home construction by Magnolia Home Xperts

Our Process

At Magnolia Home Xperts, we begin every day by reminding ourselves to treat your kitchen remodel like it was our own. This means that we are not only looking at your kitchen from the perspective of a designer and builder, but also from your perspective, our customer. This allows us to remember that this project has often required much planning and sacrifice on your part, and we will treat it and your home with the respect it deserves. We understand that this project is an exciting time, but can also be stressful, thus we have developed a plan to alleviate your worries and enjoy the journey.

Before beginning the project, it is important that we align our goals. We want to know what your dream design is so that we can create the perfect kitchen for you. In addition, it is important we know what your goal for the kitchen is, so that we can design it to best suit your needs. Do you want to entertain guests? Provide a place for the family to share? Improve your home’s value so that you can sell? Whatever the case, we will design according to your needs. Next, we want to know your preferred budget so that we can plan accordingly and so that you are not constantly worried about money. Finally, we will give you a detailed plan on the project, so that you know what is happening every step of the way. We have found that by aligning our goals, setting a budget, and detailing the plan, our customers get the best experience out of their remodel.